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Northglenn High School STEM

We are a fully comprehensive neighborhood STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) School. Students come from all over the district and surrounding communities to participate in our hands-on program. ALL students are "STEM students" with access to technology, Problem Based Learning (PBL), and student-centered inquiry classrooms.


Learn more about what NHS STEM has to offer


Explore what is important about Northglenn High School being a "STEM" School.


All students have access to learn about and use NHS Tech (3D printers, engravers, x-carver, shop tools, etc.)

Biomed Pathway

Students can specialize in biomedical classes and earn a STEM certificate, college credit, and a diploma STEM seal. 

P>TECH Program

Students can obtain and associates degree in Computer Information Systems from Front Range Community College with this free 5 year plan


Celebrate student accomplishments and newsorthy events we have done at NHS STEM.

Internships and Job Shadows

When internships, jobshadows, field trip experiences, and special guests are available, they will be posted here.

Engineering Pathway

Students can specialize in biomedical classes and earn a STEM certificate, college credit, and a diploma STEM seal. 


Explore what a Proble Based Learning activity is and how it is used in every classroom at NHS.


Important Dates for P-TECH & STEM Pathways

  • Applications will be available online on November 2nd 2020
  • 8th Grade Choice Night at the ESC is To Be Determined
  • First Round of Applications due date is December 4th 2020 
  • Second Round of Applications will be processed as they are received.

Biomedical and Engineering Pathway Information - Coming Soon!

P-TECH Computer Information Systems Program Information

See the description for the program.

Students must apply for P-TECH their eighth grade year to be eligible for the program.  See the timeline below for dates.  P-TECH is open to all students, with a special focus on encouraging enrollment of students who are socio-economically and racially diverse, the first to attend college in their family, English language learners, and students with disabilities.  (Click here to see the P-TECH Description on the Colorado Department of Education Website).

Click here for an example of a P>TECH Schedule

Virtual Family Visits

We will be hosting Virtual Family Tours of our school and programming this year.  Please use the table below to access the Zoom links for the virtual tour with the corresponding dates and times.

Tuesday's 9:30-11:00 Thursday's 8:00-9:30

September 29th

Click here for Virtual Tour

October 15th

Click here for Virtual Tour

October 20th

Click here for Virtual Tour

October 29th

Click here for Virtual Tour

November 3rd

Click here for Virtual Tour

December 3rd

Click here for Virtual Tour

January 26th

Click here for Virtual Tour

February 25th

Click here for Virtual Tour

How Does Northglenn HS STEM compare to other high schools?

As STEMinspired educators, all the teacher at Northglenn HS practice these four tenets of STEM education:

Problem-Based Learning

In each discipline, students are presented with authentic, real-world problems on which to work.  They must present their findings and solutions to community/industry experts.  If any new idea can be transformed into an entrepreneurial effort, we have business partners who can work with students to make their plans into reality.

21st Century Skills

Students practice the skills necessary to be successful in the work force. These skills include: collaboration, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and use of technology.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Students investigate and formulate questions as a way of understanding the content and discovering its significance.  "The power of an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning is its potential to increase intellectual engagement and foster deep understanding through the development of a hands-on, minds-on and research-based disposition towards teaching and learning." --Neil Stephenson

Transdisciplinary Lenses

When developing transdisciplinary contexts surrounding a PBL experience for students, teachers incorporate the varied lenses of different disciplines that individuals would typically explore in that authentic real-world context.  Some of these lenses include: cultural, social, political, economic, historical, and scientific.

Video Describing Problem Based Learning (PBLs)

School/Business/Corporate Tours

Find out how to become a partner of Northglenn High School STEM and create amazing opportunities for students.

To find out about tours for non-partners, please contact:
Todd Corn, Eric Hotz, or Emily Schreiner.

If you would like to be trained on the Adams 12 STEM Model, please register using this link.  For more information about our model, please visit

Educational Opportunities at Northglenn HS STEM

  • Students can start taking college-level classes for college credit starting their freshmen year!
  • Most freshmen take two years of math their freshmen year!
  • All freshmen take either PhysicsCollege Preparatory Physics, or Advanced Placement Physics (college level)!
  • We are the only school in the district that has offered Calculus 3 on our campus for the last four years!  This class can be taken for college credit through University of Colorado - Denver.
  • Student Internships.
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