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Welcome to the registration page for the 2021-2022 school year!

Please see below for helpful information regarding the registration process this year:

  • The registration process will begin the week of February 8th. 

  • Starting on Monday the 8th, counselors will be in classrooms showing students how to access the registration portal and demonstrating the process for virtual registration. 

  • At this time, students will review and complete registration forms. 

    • Students will be expected to complete and submit registration forms prior to their actual registration dates. 

  • Registration for 21-22 courses will begin the week of February 16th in students’ English classes. 

  • Registration dates are as follows:

    • Current 9th Grade Students- February 16th

    • Current 10th Grade Students- February 18th

    • Current 11th Grade Students- February 19th

Students must register for courses during their scheduled time. If students fail to register for classes and do not submit their registration sheet, courses will be selected for them by their counselor depending on availability. 

Below you will find registration forms to start the registration process. Students must complete the form that corresponds to the grade they will be in during the 2021-2022 school year. Forms can only be submitted once and students and counselors will receive a copy of each submission. If a student anticipates taking an AP class next year, they are required to submit an AP form in addition to their registration sheet.

If you are a student, please DO NOT submit your registration form until you are instructed to do so by a counselor.

AP Form- English/SS/WL

AP Form- Math/Sci

Challenge Form- English

10th Grade Reg- Eng

11th Grade Reg- Eng

12th Grade Reg- Eng

Future Forward/Bollman Classes

10th Grade Reg- Span/Español

11th Grade Reg- Span/Español

12th Grade Reg- Span/Español

Future Forward/Clases de Bollman

AP Form English/SS/WL- Spanish/Español

AP Form- Math/Sci- Spanish/Español

Challenge Form- Spanish/Español

* All Course Registration Forms 9-12 in English & Spanish

For a list of all of Northglenn's course offerings visit the course guide here

For additional questions regarding registration, please watch this short video or contact your counselor. 

Si tiene preguntas adicionales sobre el registro, mire este breve video o comuníquese con su consejero.