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Due to scheduling conflicts at VMAC, holidays, or no-school days some morning workouts will replace our normal afternoon practice.  In addition, there may be some dryland morning workouts scheduled at Northglenn High School to help with improving overall conditioning.

Athletes are expected to attend and arrive PROMPTLY at all practices during the regular season unless noted as optional by the Head Coach.  When an athlete has an unexcused absence prior to a competition they will not be allowed to participate in said competition.  Excused absences will be tolerated unless they become excessive, in which a coach/athlete/parent conference will result. All missed practices - excused or unexcused - have an influence on competition lineups, lettering, and participation. 

Athletes are responsible to provide/arrange their own transportation to practice.


Athletes are expected to attend ALL meets. If there is a prior conflicting school activity or outside event, the athlete must notify the Head Coach a week in advance to determine if the absence will be excused.  For competitions that have both a Varsity and Junior Varsity component, athletes will be divided by the Head Coach based on past performance, both in competition and practice. It is important to know that any such designation is not necessarily permanent, as athletes improve during the course of the season.  

Athletes are expected to wear their team uniform/team apparel while on deck during the conduct of all competitions, and MUST stay on deck with the team until all team mates have completed their final event.

Home Meets

Home meets will be held at VMAC.  Athletes must provide their own transportation, and are expected to arrive at the pool no later than ninety (90) minutes before the start of the meet to help with any needed setup and to warmup.  Students will be released from class early and excused by the office for all missed classes.

Away Meets

Dependant  upon the location of the meet, athletes may be asked to provide their own transportation or school transportation may be provided.  Athletes will be made aware of the time they will be released (depending on their school), the meeting spot, and whether they will be responsible for their transportation prior to the meet.  If school transportation is provided, all athletes must ride the bus home unless they have earlier submitted to the Head Coach the properly signed release form.


Participation in sports is a privilege, not a right.  Athletes are students first and MUST maintain good standing in all of their classes.  If an athlete is failing one or more of their classes, they will be expected to spend the first half of practice completing homework and/or studying, and will be subsequently allowed to participate in the second half.  Athletes failing two or more classes will be ineligible for any meets scheduled during that week.  If the athlete is failing two or more classes for two consecutive weeks, they will not be allowed to continue with the season.    


Athletes are expected to represent the team and their school appropriately no matter where they reside. If an athlete received a behavioral referral, they will not be able to participate in any meets scheduled for that week.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing and initiation of any kind. Building administrators will review and potentially investigate any situation that involves hazing or initiations within a student group. Adams 12 Five Star Schools District Policy 5110 and AthleticCode of Conduct prohibit bullying, hazing, intimidation, or threats.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Team policy is consistent with that of the school and Adams 12 school district.  Please see the student code of conduct handbook. 

Lettering Requirements

Lettering is an individual recognition earned through each athlete's behavior, character and performance that contribute to the overall success of the team for the season.  It will be based on the requirements listed below, but the Head Coach will make all final determinations.

  • Athlete must attend all meets

  • Athlete may have up to four (4) excused workout absences - if you're in school for the day, you should be at workout, as well.

  • Athlete must be in good academic standing throughout the entire season, per NGHS and CHSAA policies

  • Athlete must continually exhibit and model the core values that define our team culture

  • Skill/Competitive performance requirements:

    • 1st & 2nd time Letter:  Athlete must be able to "legally" complete a 50-yd. swim of each stroke - butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle - using proper turns and finishes while conducted under the supervision of a member of the coaching staff

    • 3rd & 4th time Letter:  Athlete must be able to "legally" complete a 100-yd. swim of each stroke - butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle - using proper turns and finishes while conducted under the supervision of a member of the coaching sttaff

    • Athlete must achieve, at least, two (2) lettering qualifying times (See Time Standards page)

      • Or, an athlete must compete in the consolation/championship finals at the Conference Championships

      • Or, an athlete qualifies for the State Championships


Throughout the season, various fundraisers to benefit the team will be conducted and athletes are expected to participate fully.

Parent's Help

Parent's help is strongly encouraged for all home meets.  It is the responsibility of the home team to provide timers ten minutes prior to meet start, as these volunteers are needed for the meet to run both smoothly and on time.  Please consider helping your child's team by volunteering your time for several home meets.

Apparel and Equipment

One team swim cap will be provided for each team member and additional caps may be purchased.  Athletes will be given the opportunity to purchase apparel at the beginning of the season. Team suits are not required, but strongly recommended. If an athlete chooses not to purchase the chosen team suit, they must wear a neutral colored suit and not represent any other team. Team swimsuits will have and estimated cost between $40-$60 and will be purchased so to be available prior to the first meet. Additional apparel - sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. - will be decided by the end of the first week of  official practice.

Checks for all purchases should be made payable to Northglenn HS Swim Team.

Athletes must bring the following to all workouts - a practice suit, a practice swim cap (if normally worn) and goggles. It is recommended for athletes to have separate meet and practice attire to avoid wearing out the competition team suit and cap. Goggles will not be provided by the school.  Practice equipment including kickboards, fins, pull buoys, etc. will be provided.