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Team Culture

To ensure both team and individual success, it is imperative for all team members to embrace the following virtues.


  • I believe in our coaches, their expertise, and their plan for my success and the success of our team.
  • I believe in my potential.
  • When challenged, I accept it, and believe that I can do it!
  • I believe that we, as a team, must work together in our pursuit of success.
  • All things are possible when you believe.


  • I will do what is expected and more, even when “I’m not feeling it.”
  • I accept that if good is good, and better is better, then great should be my goal.
  • I will hold myself accountable and take responsibility for all I do.
  • I will do whatever it takes to achieve our goals, first as a team and secondly as an individual.
  • I am willing to turn my pain, into my passion, and subsequently my purpose.


  • I love the sport of swimming, the challenges it presents me, the opportunities it awards me, the lifelong friendships it provides me, and all the fun it allows me to have and share.
  • I love sharing in celebrating the successes of my team.
  • I will show empathy when a teammate suffers a setback, supporting them both in and out of the pool.  "What's going on?  I hear you.  I got your back."
  • I love being able to represent my school, my team, and myself with pride and respect.
  • I love this team.